Welcome Students!!

Welcome back students!

Welcome, welcome, welcome freshmen!

Hope you met some helpful librarians at the Student Resources Fair or while moving into the Residence Halls☺️

If you didn’t get the chance, stop by the Library, say “hi,” and check out the exciting construction progress.

Just a reminder to students who may be stopping by the library to return lost books, etc., RMU Library has begun it’s Summer Schedule.

The regular summer hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday       7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday                            7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday                       10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday                          Closed

For more detailed hours, see:

Study Rooms

Study rooms are still available for uninterrupted study (until 11 PM tonight and 10:15 tomorrow night) ….

The library is open until 1 AM tonight and the 24-7 study space is open to students studying & writing until sunrise!:)

Thanks so much to all who have volunteered to participate in Library Web Site Usability Testing this Spring. The response has been truly overwhelming! We are very grateful and excited to have such a large number of interested students!

If you were one of the first 10 respondents, I will be contacting you by email later today to set up a usability testing time slot. Initial usability testing sessions will be taking place next week.

To those who have responded but were not one of the first 10 to respond, I will be in touch with you as well, as further usability testing will be taking place in the upcoming months.

Thank you!!

We are looking for ten (10) RMU student volunteers to help improve our website by participating in a usability study.
Total time commitment is one hour and you will get SET credit and a $10 Amazon gift card for you assistance.
Do a good deed and get two awesome rewards? It’s a Win-Win-Win situation!

Contact Emily to schedule your session at paladino@rmu.edu.

Web Site Usability Testing Recruitment

Would you like to help us improve the Library’s web site?

*Students can earn 1 hour of S.E.T. Service Credit for each hour of web site testing participation.
**First ten participants receive $10 Amazon Gift Cards

RMU Library is looking for volunteers to find information using the library web site while thinking aloud.

Additionally, you will be asked several open-ended questions regarding RMU Library web services at the conclusion of the session.

Any non-librarians, but particularly students

To help us test our site and use the results to revamp our site over the summer.


Late March – Early April

Time involved:
One hour (or less).

How do I sign up?
Contact Emily Paladino, (412)397-6880 or paladino@rmu.edu, to schedule a time slot.

RMU Library

RMU-Online students and others interested in participating but not available to come to the Library for testing, there will be another similar opportunity being conducted online later this spring.