Welcome Students!!

Welcome back students!

Welcome, welcome, welcome freshmen!

Hope you met some helpful librarians at the Student Resources Fair or while moving into the Residence Halls☺️

If you didn’t get the chance, stop by the Library, say “hi,” and check out the exciting construction progress.

Just a reminder to students who may be stopping by the library to return lost books, etc., RMU Library has begun it’s Summer Schedule.

The regular summer hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday       7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday                            7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday                       10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday                          Closed

For more detailed hours, see:

Study Rooms

Study rooms are still available for uninterrupted study (until 11 PM tonight and 10:15 tomorrow night) ….

The library is open until 1 AM tonight and the 24-7 study space is open to students studying & writing until sunrise!:)

Thanks so much to all who have volunteered to participate in Library Web Site Usability Testing this Spring. The response has been truly overwhelming! We are very grateful and excited to have such a large number of interested students!

If you were one of the first 10 respondents, I will be contacting you by email later today to set up a usability testing time slot. Initial usability testing sessions will be taking place next week.

To those who have responded but were not one of the first 10 to respond, I will be in touch with you as well, as further usability testing will be taking place in the upcoming months.

Thank you!!

We are looking for ten (10) RMU student volunteers to help improve our website by participating in a usability study.
Total time commitment is one hour and you will get SET credit and a $10 Amazon gift card for you assistance.
Do a good deed and get two awesome rewards? It’s a Win-Win-Win situation!

Contact Emily to schedule your session at paladino@rmu.edu.

Web Site Usability Testing Recruitment

Would you like to help us improve the Library’s web site?

*Students can earn 1 hour of S.E.T. Service Credit for each hour of web site testing participation.
**First ten participants receive $10 Amazon Gift Cards

RMU Library is looking for volunteers to find information using the library web site while thinking aloud.

Additionally, you will be asked several open-ended questions regarding RMU Library web services at the conclusion of the session.

Any non-librarians, but particularly students

To help us test our site and use the results to revamp our site over the summer.


Late March – Early April

Time involved:
One hour (or less).

How do I sign up?
Contact Emily Paladino, (412)397-6880 or paladino@rmu.edu, to schedule a time slot.

RMU Library

RMU-Online students and others interested in participating but not available to come to the Library for testing, there will be another similar opportunity being conducted online later this spring.

RMU Library will be closing at 7 PM this evening (Research Room, Reference & Circulation Services, Textbook Reserve).

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

This month, RMU Library is trialing several different eResources — a nursing database, and two different eReference resources.

UpToDate synthesizes medical information into practical, evidence-based, point-of-care recommendations. Compare it with DynaMed, a similar product and current RMU Library subscription.

Statistical Abstracts Global and Statistical Abstract Historical
This trial provides online access to Statistical Abstracts of the U.S., Statistical Abstracts of the World, and digital historical access to Statistical Abstracts of the U.S. (1970-2012)

Europa World Online
This is the online version of the Europa World Year Book. It is a classic reference source covering world affairs, providing political and economic information for over 250 countries.

The above-listed database trial links are accessible from on campus or off campus; links to these database trials can be found on the Library’s Databases A-Z page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-alphabetical).

Additional links to Statistical Abstract and Europa World Online can be found on the Databases – Social Sciences page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-social-science) and Databases – General & Interdisciplinary page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-general-interdisciplinary)

An additional link to UpToDate can be found on the Databases – Nursing & Health Sciences page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-nursing-health-sciences)

We invite RMU students, staff, and faculty to check out these potential library subscriptions and to pass along any feedback you may wish to share (paladino@rmu.edu). Thanks!

Our front desk is sad. It’s been a year and we still don’t know what to call it. It’s where we check out books and provide research assistance. It is important! It deserves a name! Don’t let it continue to suffer this existential crisis.
Tweet us your best name suggestion @RMULIBRARY with #SadDesk by 1/30. All participants will be entered to win one of three $25 Amazon gift cards. Help make our desk happy.
Planning on requesting materials from the Library through our resource sharing services over the holiday break?
In order to increase your chances of receiving requested materials from Interlibrary Loan or EZ Borrow prior to the holiday break, please place Interlibrary Loan requests for books or articles no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2014.  Books requested through EZ BORROW should be placed electronically by Friday, December 12, 2014.
Because we rely on the varying schedules of our partner libraries for timely delivery of requested materials, receipt can not be guaranteed before the RMU library closes for the holiday break on December 19, 2014.  Normal services will resume on January 5, 2015.
Please refer any questions to Bruce Johnston, Access Services Librarian (412-397-6877)

Hello students and faculty researching media and advertising!

RMU Library is currently trialing the RedBooks database.

RedBooks includes information about advertising agencies and advertising trends for students studying advertising, communications, journalism, media arts, and marketing.

Access to RedBooks is accessible through November 30, 2014. Please feel free to provide us with feedback about RedBooks.

The RedBooks database trial links is accessible from on campus or off campus; links to these database trials can be found on the Library’s Databases A-Z page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-alphabetical), as well as the Business page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-business) as well as the Communication Skills page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-communication-skills).

Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing RedBooks or questions about it; also, please feel free to provide us with feedback about RedBooks.

Hello all – RMU Library is currently running a number of different Political Science-related database trials. Please take a moment to check out some of these resources; you might find something very useful to you for your coursework or academic research. As always, please feel free to provide us with feedback about any of these potential RMU Library eResources.

The following resources are accessible to the RMU Community through November 15, 2014

CQ Researcher

Historic Documents

Political Handbook of America (CQ Press)

The following resources are accessible to the RMU Community through November 30, 2014

Political Science Complete (EBSCO)

ProQuest Politics Collection

ProQuest Social Science Premium

The above-listed database trial links are accessible from on campus or off campus; links to these database trials can be found on the Library’s Databases A-Z page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-alphabetical), as well as the Databases Social Sciences page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-social-science).
A link to CQ Researcher is also posted on the Communication Skills Databases page (http://library.rmu.edu/research-assistance/databases-communication-skills).

Question: Just how many eBooks are available through our EBSCO eBooks Academic Complete subscription and our PALCI DDA eBooks program?

Answer: Over 135,000!:) … Browse, print, read, enjoy. Let us know if you’re running into any questions or problems; let us know if you’re interested in any other academic eBook collections.

RMU Library now subscribes to Oxford Art Online, which includes Grover Art Online, Oxford Companion to Western Art and the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, and other resources..

Benezit is a comprehensive resource on artists. Grove Art Online includes thousands of signed articles, images, timelines of world art, and many other features.

Links to Oxford Art Online are available on the Databases, Arts & Humanities web page,

As well as on the Databases A-Z page:

Attention Master’s and Doctoral Students! There is a great new resource in store for you this academic year: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.

This database provides RMU students, faculty and staff access to more than 1.7 million full text dissertations.     

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global also includes abstract-level access to 3.9 million dissertations and theses from North American universities as well as a growing number of international universities.

Links to PQDT Global can be found by clicking on:

“Articles, eBooks, Databases,” and selecting “RMU Library Databases A-Z,”
selecting “Databases by Subject –> Business,” “Computer Science,” “Education,” “Engineering, Science & Math,” “Humanities,” “Legal & Taxation” and “Nursing & Health Sciences.” 

Enjoy ProQuest PQDT Global



Euromonitor Passport is a powerful market research report and analysis tool, one of our newest and most exciting library database subscriptions.

Passport is a market research tool designed for 4-year universities with business school and graduate level business programs. Users can manipulate and export a variety of industry, geographic, and company data from Passport.

Links to Euromonitor Passport can be found by clicking on:
“Articles, eBooks, Databases,” and selecting “RMU Library Databases A-Z,”
-or selecting “Databases by Subject –> Business”

Enjoy Euromonitor Passport!

RMU Library has just recently become an institutional site license subscriber to Chronicle.com.

This enables RMU faculty, staff, and students to access all subscriber-only content on the Chronicle.com site.

If you are on an RMU network computer, you may simply go to http://chronicle.com to access subscriber content.

If you are on a wireless network on campus, or accessing the site from home or from an off-campus office, you will need to authenticate through the RMU Library web site.
Links to the Chronicle of Higher Ed web site can be found by clicking on:
“Articles, eBooks, Databases,” and selecting “RMU Library Databases A-Z,”
-or selecting “Databases by Subject –> Education” or “Databases by Subject –> General & Interdisciplinary.”

Enjoy online access to the entirety of Chronicle of Higher Ed online!:)

Quick tip: Ignore the locked sign next to certain articles; access to these articles is available.
The symbols still display to publicize what content is subscription-only.



Now you can access many classic Gale Reference books via eBook format from the Gale database platform! (It’s a great chance to browse the Library reference shelves from home or other off campus locations).

Take a look at some of the eReference books that RMU Library is making available to you through the Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Please let us know if you have any related questions or suggestions.


This summer RMU Library is running a database trial for ASME Digital Collection. 

This trial includes all of the ASME eJournals RMU Library currently subscribes to and also includes many another mechanical engineering e-journals as well as a number of related conference proceedings and eBooks.

Take a look at the collection, and let us know if you have any feedback or additional questions. Thank you!


To access ASME Digital Collection, go to the library homepage (http://library.rmu.edu/), click on “Find Articles & Databases,” and then continue by clicking on Databases A-Z, “A” for ASME, or by clicking on Databases by Subject, “Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Databases.”